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Sunat Perempuan

Dalam Tradisi Masyarakat Muslim

Ini sindiran bagi penyunatan yang dilakukan terhadap gadis-gadis kecil Muslim. Bagian klitoris dan labia mayor daerah kemaluan dipotong habis. Dengan begitu gadis kecil itu tidak akan pernah mengalami orgasme saat berhubungan seksual dalam seluruh hidupnya. Perintah sunat Muslimah ini memang tidak ada dalam Qur'an (sama seperti sunat bagi Muslim), tapi ini adalah warisan tradisi Arab Muslim.

Mungkin para muslim itu lebih mementingan tradisi konyol mereka, mengira auloh sedang error sewaktu menciptakan perempuan. Mereka pikir perempuan mestinya diciptakan tanpa klitoris. Itu sebabnya mereka merasa berhak mengkoreksi ciptaan auloh itu dengan menyunat klitoris perempuan. Welehhh... kelewatan amat doktrin patriakh-nya...

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Written by Circe - Thursday, 07 June 2007 E-mail FGM 2



Following Ayaan Hirshi Ali's linking of genital mutilation and Islam, the Age has continued to publish articles and letters that falsely claim FGM is a cultural practice with nothing to do with Islam! Funny then that it's spread across a wide variety of Muslim countries (Africa, middle-east including Kurds, India, Malaysia, Indonesia!!) with very different 'cultures' and has also been brought to the west!! The Age in failing to tell the truth is acting as a propaganda agent of Islam (note the unending Taqiyya – lying to Kaffirs- of Waleed Aly, Hanifa Deen) and an agent of Islamization because it perpetuates Islamic lies while refusing to give equal space to the truth.

Equally worrying is what is being taught to our children in school. Mrs Aynur (Age letters 31/5/07) falsely writes that Islam does not allow female circumcision in any form and describes herself as a devout Muslim- Clearly this woman has not read either the hadith or the law derived from them that legitimizes clitoridectomy! She goes on to state that she is an 'educator' and that her 17 year old students comprehend the Islamic ruling about circumcision- from her letter one can presume that her students 'comprehend' her false view! Under what guise is Mrs Aynur teaching students about Islam!!! Every parent needs to be very concerned about the propaganda preaching of Islam to students which I have I have experienced myself!!
This is not the only untruthful Muslim letter!

The Age goes on to provide several large articles where Muslims spread their lies- eg A large article (30/5/07 p3) where Muslim women (Hanifa Deen –Melbourne Muslim 'feminist' where feminism clearly means something very different to the usual western view of the term!, Tasneem Chopra) both basically accuse Aayan Hirsi Ali of lying. Ms Deen assures us these are misguided tribal practices by Muslims and Christians in east African societies. (Ms Deen neglects to mention that the vast majority of FGM is performed by Muslims throughout the world while only a tiny % of 'Christians' – many converts from Islam in a few African countries subjected to Islamic 'culture' perform it. Clitoridectomy etc is never supported in Christian text or by Jesus. This attempt to suggest it is equally practiced by Christians is disgusting as is the attempt to pretend it's an 'African' practice!).

Then, not happy with the substantial coverage she has already received, Ms Deen gets a large article in the Age, p 15 1/6/07 where she again cries that genital mutilation ie clitoridectomy and worse is nothing to do with Islam! She states (correctly) that it is not in the Koran but relies on our ignorance of Islam and it's laws to hide the fact that Mohammad endorsed and did NOT STOP the practice in the extremely important ahadith and, it is further legitimated in Islamic law!!

This 'it isn't in the Koran' is a familiar tactic to hide the truth of Islamic text, practices and laws as many practices vitally important to Islam (eg all the Hajj ceremonies) are only found in the ahadith which direct day-to-day life. Many Islamic laws come from the hadith!!
Ms Deen goes on to claim that Islam can be followed while living in a secular democracy and pretends that the horrific violence and repression of women and non-Muslims spread throughout Islamic text and laws is merely a problem of interpretation and can be 'reformed'. If you remove the horror text, there is nothing left –Islam is a barbaric, totalitarian ideology, throw it out!

It should be noted that Muslims are forbidden from criticizing Islam and are therefore the last people to give a truthful, critical appraisal of Islam. Indeed as adherents, they are obviously either ignorant of its horror or deliberately 'misrepresent it' to others- although some are caught telling the truth to followers!

An interview with "Wafa Sultan" (psychiatrist) Syrian ex-sunni Muslim now living in America reveals: -

1) 'Unlike many of her sympathizers, she does not hold with the opinion that Islam was "hijacked" by extremists. On the contrary, she says, serious research into the holy texts led to her own personal rejection of the religion.

'I was trying to find out through my research - whether Islam is inherently violent, or whether its adherents misunderstand its teachings. The more I researched, the more convinced I became that the root was in Islam itself. I believe that beliefs drive behaviors.'

2) 'I personally don't believe Islam can be reformed'.

3) 'I gave a speech at the University of California, and during the question period, an American woman told me she didn't believe the things I was saying about Muslim men's treatment of women. She said: "Muhammad was the first man on earth to give women rights."
I responded, "Would you please tell me what some of those rights are, so I can tell Muslim women to be aware of them?"

She said , "I don't know, but I was invited to a mosque in LA, and that's what the mullah told us."
Can you believe how naive these women are?….. They've (women) already lost everything!

4) "Once we realize the cruelty of an ideology that can harden the heart of a mother, or can consider young lives as expendable, we will be able to find remedies for liberating the women of the Middle East, where countries in different degrees are ruled by the Islamic Sharia."
Also refer to keynote address she gave at the conference "Women in the Middle East - the Beacon of Change" (held in Washington by the American Enterprise Institute).

FGM is performed in Australia and endorsed in Australia – see earlier article. Here again is Islamic law supporting clitoridectomy and one of several hadiths—see earlier article for more!

(Note earlier article on this site: Female Genital Mutilation)

Reliance of the Traveller, a classical manual of Islamic sacred law in Arabic with facing English text, commentary and appendices edited and translated by Nuh Ha Mim Keller (1994) re 'circumcision' we find the Arabic actually says -
"Circumcision is obligatory (for every male and female) by cutting off the piece of skin on the glans of the penis of the male,
but circumcision of the female is by cutting out the clitoris (this is called HufaaD). " (p59) (Shafi'I jurisprudence)
(Note the English version is falsely translated as 'prepuce ' of the clitoris!!)

The Arabic word bazr does not mean "prepuce of the clitoris", it means the clitoris itself (cf. the entry in the Arabic-English Dictionary). The deceptive translation by Nuh Hah Mim Keller, made for Western consumption, obscures the Shafi’i law, given by ‘Umdat al-Salik, that circumcision of girls by excision of the clitoris is mandatory. This particular form of female circumcision is widely practiced in Egypt, where the Shafi’i school of Sunni law is followed. Note a comment by Sheikh '
Abd al-Wakil Durubi in the English 'version' notes "Hanbalis hold that circumcision of women is not obligatory but sunna, while Hanafis consider it a mere courtesy to the husband." (answering-Islam.org)

This is supported by several hadiths eg
Abu-Dawud Book 41, No. 5251: Narrated Umm Atiyyah al-Ansariyyah: A woman used to perform circumcision in Medina. The prophet (peace be upon him) said to her: Do not cut severely as that is better for a woman and more desirable for a husband.
(Note: The powerful Mohammad did NOT stop the procedure yet he did stop the Arab practise of adoption when he wished to marry his adopted son's wife Zainab, regarded as incest by the Arabs because adopted sons were held as sons!)

Victoria's 'Religious Vilification Act' (effectively sharia law) stops all criticism of Islam.

Saya sertakan juga beberapa komen dalam website terhadap artikel di atas. Simaklah bagaimana komentar seorang muslim dari Indonesia yg membela terang-terangan tradisi FGM itu dengan menguatkannya melalui hadis; muslim sakit jiwa!


Morris: [08 June, 2007]

So as usual deception surrounds Islam and it's practices, and it's deliberate. As I've said in the past, how can we possibly trust a religion which in its scriptures (the Koran) actually encourages lying? Trust only comes from truth, and has to be earned.

Dr Evil (PhD) [08 June, 2007]

OO My god makes you want to grab the Animal nutting tool and find every Moslem man and return the favour, and save the world at the same time.
We will just have to recruit the services of Germaine Greer. To orchestrate and give a speech on Women’s rights and Islamic Pigs; some how I can see pink and purple pigs flying over my house before that will happen. That is sick; Very sick.

jay [09 June, 2007]

great article about a disgusting barbaric practise.

cass Circe, [09 June, 2007]
This article contains some of the most sickening pictures I've ever viewed. As a feminist I am simply appalled at the Muslim women who either a) decry the practice but say it is not Islamic, which they must know is untrue, or b) just keep quiet.

To all the Muslim women out there: keeping quiet is no longer an option. Thanks to Ayaan Hirsi Ali and some other brave ex-muslim women, the secret is out - fgm is sanctioned by Islam.

Now let's make sure other secrets are revealed e.g. that Muhammed was a paedophile, that the Qu'ran sanctions beating women and treats them shamefully, that Islam urges killing of all non-Muslims if they will not embrace "The Religion of Peace".

Once their cover is blown, I believe people will be emboldened to speak out and Muslims will start deserting Islam in droves.

Wendy Larkson [11 June, 2007]

I have read that there are 140,000,000 women in the world today who have been mutilated. What kind of culture or religion could condone such a barbaric practice? And where is the sound of unceasing condemnation by Muslims and - yes, feminists? The silence is deafening. Thank you for this most informative, if sobering article.

Blue Heeler [12 June, 2007]

Morris, you point out the problem in a nutshell - who can trust a liar?
We get caught up in all sorts of mental gymnastcis these days, trying to placate or accomodate the Muslim (and I note that none of this effort is reciprocated) but the bottom line is as you say; the Muslim, any person who adheres to the Koran, cannot, by definition, be trusted!
At a governmental level it is, therefore, the grossest derilection of duty to allow our systems of justice and civil behavior to be tainted by association with this creed of liars. With Islam it is so terribly true - one rotten apple DOES spoil the whole barrel. Australia needs to come to terms with the fact that the rotten apple is Mohamed.

shiva MOHAMMED SAID (Indonesian Muslim)
"Cut off only the foreskin (outer fold of skin over the clitoris; the prepuce but do not cut off deeply (i.e. the clitoris itself), for this is brighter for the face (of the girl) and more favorable with the husband.

"Prophet Muhammad is reported to have passed by a woman performing circumcision on a young girl. He instructed the woman by saying:"Cut off only the foreskin (outer fold of skin over the clitoris; the prepuce but do not cut off deeply (i.e. the clitoris itself), for this is brighter for the face (of the girl) and more favorable with the husband.
"A woman used to perform circumcision in Medina. The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) said to her: Do not cut severely as that is better for a woman and more desirable for a husband. (Sunan Abu Dawud, Book 41, Number 5251) .

While the Prophet did not explicitly ban this practice, his words project a great deal of sensitivity to the instinctive needs of females and their matrimonal happiness and legitimate enjoyment. It can be also noted that he did not say how deep, not to deep is Reference to the brightness of the face and to better relationship with the husband are clear indications of his senstivity and compassion

a) Removal of the hood (or prepuce) of the clitoris. This procedure is, to some degree, analgous to male circumcision since in both cases, no part of the sexual organ is cut off. In both cases also, it is only the foreskin, or outer fold of the skin, which is cut off. Properly done, it is not likely to cause any "matrimonial" problem. While some may call it "sunnah circumcision," this is their own appellation and not that of the Prophet (P) who used the term Sunnah only in the context of male circumcision.

b) Removal of the entire clitoris (clitorectomy also known as SUNNAH) along with part of the labia minora, which is satured together leaving an opening. This is a form of mutilation.

c) Removal of the entire clitoris, labia minora and medial part of the labia majora, whith both sides of the female organ stitched together leaving a small opeing. This procedure requires tying together the child's legs of nearly three weeks. It is called the Pharaonic procedure but may as well be called "mutilation".
Molsems state that the second and third procedures were never mandated, encouraged or even consented to by the Prophet. They even violate a known rule in Shari'ah prohibiting the cutting off of any part of the human body except for unavoidable reasons (e.g. medical treatment, trimming nails or hair, or for an explicitly specified reason such as male circumcision). Such necessity or need does not exist in female circumcision
EVIL PRAXIS [09 July, 2007]

Dan Zaremba [09 July, 2007]

Firstly, please do not provide false information. Muhammad was only quoted saying: Do not cut severely as that is better for a woman and more desirable for a husband.

(Abu-Dawud Book 41, No. 5251, Narrated Umm Atiyyah al-Ansariyyah:)
NOTHING about foreskin!!!
Secondly please read the whole article before rushing to defend Islam and provide badly translated or 'made up' quotes. If you read the article you'd find out all the known quotes from the Hadith have been already cited.

Being an Indonesian you probably do not understand Arabic and most likely you are just an innocent victim of Islamic brainwashing.